Rishi Sunak: The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rishi Sunak's early life and education

Rishi Sunak was born in Southampton to Indian parents who had emigrated from East Africa. He studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University, and then went on to work as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

Sunak's political career

Sunak entered politics in 2015, when he was elected as the Conservative MP for Richmond (Yorks). He was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Local Government in 2018, and then Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2019.

Sunak's appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer

Sunak was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2020, following the resignation of Sajid Javid. He is the first person of Indian origin to hold this position.

Sunak's policies as Chancellor

Sunak has implemented a number of policies as Chancellor, including a furlough scheme to protect jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a cut to fuel duty. He has also been responsible for setting the UK's budget.

Sunak's popularity and challenges

Sunak is a popular figure among Conservative Party members. However, he has faced some challenges, such as criticism for his handling of the cost of living crisis.

Sunak's future prospects

Sunak is seen as a potential future leader of the Conservative Party. However, his political future will depend on how he handles the challenges facing the UK economy.

Rishi Sunak's personal life

Sunak is married to Akshata Murthy, the daughter of an Indian billionaire. They have two daughters

Rishi Sunak's net worth

Sunak's net worth is estimated to be around £200 million.

Rishi Sunak's legacy

Sunak's legacy will depend on how he is judged by history. He is a young and ambitious politician who has the potential to make a significant impact on British politics.