Top 10 Important Discoveries in Physics

Top 10 Important Discoveries in Physics
Top 10 Important Discoveries in Physics

Dear Readers Welcome to our new post, in this episode, we have discussed in detail about Top 10 Important Discoveries in Physics which are very useful for UPSC-Prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railway etc. competitive exams.

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Important Discoveries in Physics

Laws of motionNewton1687
Law of electrostatic attractionCoulomb1779
AtomJohn Dalton1808
Photography (On metal)J. Neepse1826
Law of Electric resistanceG.S. Ohm1827
Law of floatationArchemedes1827
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831
Photography (On paper)W.Fox Talbot1835
DynamiteAlfred Nobel1867
Periodic tableMandeleev1888
RadioactivityHenry Becquerel1896
ElectronJ.J. Thomson1897
RadiumMadam Curie1898
Quantum theoryMax Plank1900
Wireless TelegramMarconi1901
Diode BulbSir J. S. Fleming1904
Photo electric effectAlbert Einstein1905
Principle of RelativityAlbert Einstein1905
Triode BulbLee de Forest1906
Atomic StructureNeil Bohr & Rutherford1913
Raman EffectC.V. Raman1928
NeutronJames Chadwick1932
Nuclear ReactorEnrico Fermi1942
Law of electrolytic dissociationFaraday
Thermionic emissionEdison

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