Most Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams PDF

Most Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams PDF

Dear Readers Welcome to our new post, in this episode, we have discussed in detail about Most Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams PDF which are very useful for UPSC-Prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railway etc. competitive exams.

Most Important GK Questions for Competitive Exams PDF

  1. Where is the headquarter of Election Commission located?

(a) Kolkata

(b) Chennai

(c) New Delhi

(d) Mumbai

Ans. (c) New Delhi

  1. Who elects the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?

(a) Lok Sabha

(b) Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

(c) Rajya Sabha

(d) Vice President

Ans. (c) Rajya Sabha

  1. Name the city in which Golden Temple is located?

(a) Ludhiana

(b) Chandigrh

(c) Amritsar

(d) Dehli

Ans. (c) Amritsar

  1. The first woman to be Prime Minister in the world was –

(a) Smt. Indira Gandhi

(b) Smt. Indira Gandhi

(c) Smt. Sarojini Naidu

(d) Smt. Sirimavo Bhandarnaike

Ans. (d) Smt. Sirimavo Bhandarnaike

  1. Who is the writer of ‘Kamayani’?

(a) Vishnu Sharma

(b) Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

(c) Jayashankar Prasad

(d) Mahadevi Verma

Ans. (c) Jayashankar Prasad

  1. Who was popularly known as the “Nightingale of India”?

(a) Vijayalaxmi Pandit

(b) Lata Mangeshkar

(c) Sarojini Naidu

(d) Nurjahan

Ans. (c) Sarojini Naidu

  1. Which of the following parties is ruling Tamilnadu?

(a) DMK

(b) Mational Front

(c) Congress


Ans. (d) AIADMK

  1. Santosh Trophy is associated with

(a) Football

(b) Basket Ball

(c) Cricket

(d) Hockey

Ans. (a) Football

  1. Where is India’s first nuclear power station situated?

(a) Kalpakkam

(b) Korba

(c) Tarapur

(d) Trombay

Ans. (c) Tarapur

  1. Which of the following countries does not have written constitution?

(a) England

(b) Russia

(c) France

(d) Belgium

Ans. (a) England

  1. Mohanjodaro is situated in-

(a) Lothal

(b) Rangpur

(c) Sindh

(d) Nalanda

Ans. (c) Sindh

  1. Hazaribagh National Park is located in the state of –

(a) Assam

(b) Nagaland

(c) Jharkhand

(d) Gujrat

Ans. (c) Jharkhand

  1. The court language of the Mughals was –

(a) Hindi

(b) Urdu

(c) Persian

(d) Turkish

Ans. (c) Persian

  1. Where was the First Golmage?

(a) Delhi

(b) Edinburg

(c) London

(d) Bombay

Ans. (c) London

  1. Who is the writer of “The Invisibel Men”

(a) HG Wells

(b) Charles Dican

(c) Charles Lamb

(d) None of these

Ans. (a) HG Wells

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